White Saddle Air Services

Fire fighting, forestry, mountain climbing, back-country hiking, heli-cycling, heli-kayaking and skiing, fishing, wilderness photography, mining exploration and on location filming are areas in which White Saddle Air Services excels.

Mountaineers have been flown into several mountain ranges in the Coast Range including Mount Waddington, the highest mountain in British Columbia. Mount Waddington is a short distance away from our base and can be seen minutes after the aircraft has lifted off.

Climbing groupís from all around the world fly with us into the Waddington Range, Pantheons, Queen Bess, Homathko and the Niut Rages. Our helicopter is able to transport people to virtually any place in these mountain ranges. Fixed wing sight-seeing flights around the mountain ranges are also availalbe. See Mount Waddington, the highest mountain in British Columbia, fly over remote glaciers, alpine meadows and wilderness at its finest.

Ski Mountaineering
Some of the best backcountry skiing in the world is available in British Columbia's Chilcotin and Central Coast Mountians... and White Saddle Air Services can get you there.

The ultimate back country skiing conditions are available from March to June... and that's when we fly ski mountaineering groups into the Waddington and Pantheon Ranges.

White Saddle Air Services can also fly into the Homathko for ski traverse trips. In this spectacular region, you can also enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

For your convenience our aircraft are equipped with an approved ski basket for transporting skis and snowboards. White Saddle Air also maintains a private mountain radio system for your safety. Our strategically located system gives reliable communications service covering most of the Chilcotin Plateau between Riske Creek and the Bella Coola hill.

GasGas brand of motorbikes
White Saddle is an approved GasGas dealer.

SHERCO Motorcycles
White Saddle is an approved SHERCO dealer.

Icom Radios
White Saddle is an approved ICOM Radio Dealer. ICOM are VHF land mobile hand held portable radios. The VHF mobiles that go into the vehicles and base sets.